B.A. Liberal Studies DCP: FAQ

  • Admission to the program is based on both the CSU transfer requirements, which are a minimum of 60 semester units, with 30 at a CR/C- or better, including Speech, Critical Thinking, Composition, and Math; plus at least one Science course with a Lab. Our Admission and Fees page will give you all the...

  • Applications are accepted through Cal State Apply, www2.calstate.edu/apply, from October 1 through March 30 for the following Fall semester; for Spring, August 1 through September 30.  Applications can be accepted on a space-available basis after the priority deadline. Begin your application when you are ready. You can save your progress and come...

  • Courses can be in progress or planned when you apply, but any coursework needed for minimum transfer requirements must be completed the semester before entrance. This does not include Winter or Summer Intersession.

    If you are planning on transferring with 70 units, please be sure to complete an Ethnic Studies course as well as meet the US Constitution, American History, and...

  • If you have completed previous work where your current courses are being taken, we must have those transcripts right away in order to process your application. We will
    need another set at the end of the term to complete your file.

  • A quarter unit is worth 2/3 of a semester unit based on the weeks spent in classes, 12 weeks for quarters vs 15 weeks for semesters: 12/15 = 2/3. For example, a 5 quarter-unit course yields 3.33 semester units.

  • We highly encourage that you meet with a community college counselor to devise a plan for fulfilling any remaining entrance requirements. You may also submit a Transfer Consultation Request Form to determine your eligibility with our Student Services & Advising Coordinator, Amy Unger. If you have any...

  • Classes are scheduled evenings, weekends, and online to accommodate the needs of busy adults.

  • For the Napa/Solano Program, courses are held at both the Napa Valley College campus on the Napa-Vallejo Highway and at the Solano Community College Vallejo Center on Columbus Parkway.

    For the College of Marin Program, courses are held on their Indian Valley campus...

  • You will be a Sonoma State student. Student services such as registration will be handled by the School of Extended & International Education (SEIE). Your diploma will be issued by SSU, and you will participate in the SSU Commencement ceremony if you so choose.

  • You will be a Sonoma State student. Student services such as registration will be handled by the School of Extended & International Education (SEIE). Your diploma will be issued by SSU, and you will participate in the SSU Commencement ceremony if you so choose.

  • Students in the program may qualify for federal, state, and veterans' benefits. See our SEIE Financial Aid Information page for details. You must take a minimum of 6 units in a semester to be eligible for financial aid. You may also want to check out our SEIE Scholarship Information page.

  • Time to complete depends on how many units you can take at a time. If you can take 12 units per semester, it will take roughly 2 years. If you can only take 8 units in a semester, it will take about 6 semesters, or 3 years, to complete your requirements.

  • The major consists of 50 upper-division units taken in three Core Areas: 15 units of Arts/Humanities, 15 units of Social Sciences, 6 units of Natural Sciences, 10 units of Electives from any of the Core Areas as well as a 4-unit Cumulative Portfolio Project. Classes are chosen each semester to provide a selection for each Core Area.

  • Each major at Sonoma State offers a capstone experience to help students consolidate their work and reflect on what they have learned. In our program, students take an Introduction to Portfolio and a Portfolio Evaluation course, taken in the Spring of the year they plan to graduate. These courses total 4 units under the Social Sciences division.

  • Up to 6 units of Internship may be counted as elective units. One unit is awarded for 45 hours of work plus some assignments. A full description can be found on the Advising and Forms page.

  • Students in the Napa Valley and Solano programs may take University courses through Extended Education only during Summer and Winter Intersession. Such courses must be on the list approved for the major; a list of qualifying classes will be sent out by the Program Advisor. During the Fall and Spring semesters, registration in University courses is not allowed except under extraordinary...

  • Up to 12 units of upper-division work from another major or college can be applied to the Liberal Studies major on approval of an Advisor. Courses must be in the areas covered by our major, so, for example, professional courses in Business, Education, or Nursing may not apply.

  • The CSU requires students to take 9 units of upper-division general education after reaching Junior status (60 semester units). Each semester we choose courses for the major that also award general education units, so you will fulfill this requirement as you complete your major coursework.

  • You must complete 120 units in order to graduate. This means that if you transferred into the program with fewer than 70 units, you will need to add some more units to your program. Your advisors can help you select classes to take care of any remaining lower-division general education requirements, or to find electives that may help you prepare for a career or further study.

  • There are many career opportunities for Liberal Studies majors. The skills learned in this program, oral and written communication skills; analysis; problem-solving; and working in groups, prepare students for a variety of careers or...

  • The cost is $435/unit; you pay only for the units you take in a given semester. A full-time student with 12 units will pay $5,220 in a semester; a part-time student taking 8 units will pay $3,480. Costs are subject to change.