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Spring 2021

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Plan of Study

This plan of study represents the projected 4-semester cycle of minimum course offerings that provide a pathway to major and degree completion in two years at full-time enrollment. Because individual students enter the Liberal Studies B.A. program with different levels of transfer credit this expected timeline may alter for individual students. The plan of study will be updated each semester to provide students a way to determine their preferred path towards their degree.

Spring 2021 - Projected *
Core Area Course GE Options Possible Courses
NatSci BIOL B3 BIOL 309 or 311
SocSci CCJS or PSY D CCJS 350, 470, 489; PSY 302, 325
Arts/Hum COMS or MUS C COMS 302, 320; MUS 343
Arts/Hum NAMS C + ES NAMS 338, 346, 354
Portfolio SSCI 300/400    
Internship SSCI 499    

* Specific course offerings for projected semesters remain dependent on instructor availability and department approval. Adding course options beyond these minimums will occur when possible, based on enrollment, instructor availability, and the needs of students in the program.