B.A. Liberal Studies DCP: Current Students


Spring 2023

Please note that:

    • Online Registration begins on Monday, November 15.
    • Take care of any preliminary steps as noted on our Registration Basics page.
      • Pay special attention to Holds and Financial Aid To-Dos.
  • Go to the Curriculum page for the Course Chart and Course Descriptions.
    • Note the 4-digit Class # provided in the course chart on the Curriculum page (third column).
    • When you are ready to register go back to the SEIE Registration Basics page and scan through it to make sure you have completed all preliminary steps, then click on the I'm Ready for the Next Step button at the bottom of the page.
    • Do NOT use the Search feature to sign up for your courses! If you choose the wrong section you may be charged Stateside fees in addition to program fees.
    • Registration windows and payment dates can be found on our Registration Dates and Deadlines page.
    • Please note that you cannot register for Internships online.