Special Notes

For regular stateside, non-Extended Education SSU students, please visit the Office of the Registrar How-to Register page for more information.

Program Instructions
Program Instructions
Project Continuation for Graduate Students
  • You may not register for Project Continuation online!
  • Graduate students who did not complete their program as planned must update their status in the system by doing the following steps:
    • Consult with your graduate advisor to develop a plan to complete your requirements.
    • Register for your department's Project Continuation class using the 578 Project Continuation registration form or by calling the SEIE office. This keeps your status with the University current and allows access to the Library and other campus resources.
    • Complete a Graduation Changes form and submit to the Records Office.
  • The fee is $295 per unit and needs to occur at the beginning of the semester.
  • There is no $25 late registration fee for Project Continuation.
Special Studies and Internships
  • You may not register for Internships or Special Studies online!
  • Information about Special Studies and Internships and the appropriate forms are available from your program. Generally, you will fill out both a form describing the work you will do to earn credit, signed by an advisor and/or department chair and a registration form.
  • Register for these classes at the beginning of a semester. It is best to register by the add/drop deadline because these courses will not appear on your schedule until after system processing resumes (weeks after the semester began) and may not be counted for financial aid purposes.
  • IMPORTANT!! You must submit ALL forms together at the same time to register, including your registration form, method of payment, and supporting documents as required by your program. If we do not have complete materials, you will not be registered.
  • The fee is $340 per unit and needs to occur at the time of registration.
  • There is no $25 late registration fee for these courses.

Academic Degree Programs


  • Go to your MySSU Student Center and make sure you have taken care of any holds or To-Do items, especially regarding financial aid.
  • A Hold will appear as a red circle/slash; clicking on this symbol will reveal the source. Check with your program advisor if you are unclear about how to lift a Hold.
  • Financial Aid Students:
    • You must have cleared all of your Financial Aid To Do items by December 19 in order for your award to be packaged before the August 9 payment deadline.
    • You must formally accept your award offer. Instructions are on the Financial Aid Office site.

❶ Preliminary Steps

Before registering, do the following:

  • Students must have a current password to be able to register.
    • New students will need to have returned their Enrollment Reservation Deposit (ERD) in order to be fully matriculated and ready to register.
    • If you have not yet set up your student account, or if you have not logged in for over six months, you must set up (or reset) your password at the Seawolf PINMaster site.
  • Students must complete sexual assault prevention training before being allowed to register. This must be updated annually. You should have received a notice in your campus e-mail, or you can go to your Login Portal and select the CSU Learn tile.
  • Undergraduate students should check their Academic Requirements Report to make sure they understand which courses they need. Check with your Advisor if anything is unclear to you.
    • New undergraduate students will have an Advising Hold placed on their account until they have attended orientation.
  • If you require accommodations for a physical, psychological, or perceptual disability, please contact the Disability Services for Students Office.
  • Check your course list and obtain the 4-digit codes for your class(es) from the PDFs on the links below. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR COHORT PROGRAMS: students must sign up for all classes listed for their group.

Do NOT try to register online for:

  • Special Studies (internships, independent study): see Registration for Special Studies, below.
  • Project Continuation (graduate students who have completed all coursework but have not finished their culminating requirements): see Project Continuation for Graduate Studies, below.

❷ Other Important Points to Note Before Registering

  • Maximum units: Students may register for up to 18 units. If you want more units, you must file a petition.
  • Minimum units for financial aid: Graduate students need a minimum of 4 units and Undergraduate students need a minimum of 6 units in order to receive a financial aid award.
  • Graduate students who have completed all required content coursework but have not finished their culminating experience (thesis, article, project, presentation) must maintain currency through taking 578 Project Continuation each semester until their work is complete. Please check with your graduate advisor about appropriate next steps before registering via paper form for Project Continuation (see below).
  • Undergraduate students who did not complete graduation requirements in the semester for which they filed may need to be reactivated in order to register. Please contact your program advisor.
  • If you want to withdraw from your program, or take a Leave of Absence of up to two semesters, please contact your program coordinator immediately for further instructions.

❸ The Registration Process

Registration tutorials are available on the Records and Registration Office Online Help & How Tos page.

Online Registration

  1. Choose your program under Degrees or Certificates
    • Go to the Current Course(s) or Curriculum link
    • Print out the PDF of your courses or write down the 4-digit code for the class(es) you want to take.
  2. Sign in at the Login portal and choose the MySSU link at the top of the list.
  3. In your Student Center, select the "Enroll" link in the top-left under the "Academics" section.
  4. Use only the 4-digit code from your program page to register!
    • Do not use the green Search for Classes button because if you find and sign up for classes outside of your program, you will be charged the additional fees associated with them, which can be $2,700 or more.
  5. You will not be considered fully registered until you have paid your fees. See our Academic Credit Program Payments page for details.

I'm Ready to Register

Manual or Late Registration (in person or via phone)

The SEIE office is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

  • In person: Come to the SEIE office in Stevenson 1012 (currently not available)
  • Live Chat: via our website at or 
    Live Chat Hours: Monday-Friday : 9am - 4pm PDT
  • Office phone: Call 707-664-2394
  • Fax number: 707-664-2613 (currently not available)

Please be sure to have your 4-digit course codes handy so you can give the registration specialist the correct numbers. (See Online Registration, Point #1 above.)

❹ Unable to Register?

  • You may be trying to register outside an online registration window. See the Registration Dates page for registration windows and methods.
  • You could be trying to register for a class that is not available for online registration, such as Internships or Project Continuation. To register for these, please follow the steps on the bottom of the Registration Basics page.
  • MySSU could be down for maintenance; this will be noted at the online services portal. Try again later.
  • Returning students may not have completed their required sexual assault awareness training. Go to the login portal and choose the Skillport button.
  • A Hold may not yet have been fully cleared. Check for a red circle/slash symbol in your MySSU account.
  • You may have an outstanding balance from another session.
  • If you are still unable to register after a couple of tries, contact the SEIE Live Chat at between 9 AM and 4 PM PDT Monday-Friday.

❺ Registration Dates and Deadlines

It is best to register for all classes as early as possible to facilitate disbursement of financial aid and to ensure timely access to online learning spaces (if applicable).

Late registration

  • can delay disbursement of financial aid
  • may make you miss important communications from your instructor because you are not on the class roster or in the online learning management system before classes start
  • on or after classes start, can result in a late fee of $25 for each day schedule additions or changes are requested

Registration Dates and Deadlines

  • Returning students may register by appointment during the First Online Registration period according to appointments or during subsequent registration periods. Appointment times are visible in your MySSU's Student Center.
  • New students will be given instructions after they have returned their Enrollment Reservation Deposit (ERD).
  • Financial aid recipients: Be sure to take care of all To-Dos listed in your MySSU account as soon as possible. Your award must be in the system or you may be asked to pay the full amount when fees are due.
  • During system processing downtimes, registration and schedule changes cannot be made online. While we can accept changes done via phone or in person, they cannot be processed until the system is back up.
  • If you register during Manual or Late Registration, your courses may not show up in MySSU until after classes have started and you may not have timely access to online course components. Register early to ensure access.

If you need assistance, the SEIE Office is open Monday - Friday 8 AM to 5 PM. You can phone our registration specialists at 707-664-2394. Please see the SEIE Calendar for holiday closures.

❻ Payments

  • When you register online, the system will automatically update your fees and post them within 24 hours.
  • During manual registration, fees are collected at the time you register.
  • We do not call students about outstanding balances. You will receive reminder e-mail messages until your balance due is received.
  • If you fail to pay by the deadline you may be disenrolled.
  • The Seawolf Services Center site has illustrated instructions for paying online.

Online Registration (April 12 through August 6): payment can be made through these methods up through August 6:

Sonoma State University
Attn: Seawolf Services
1801 East Cotati Avenue
Rohnert Park, CA 94928-3609
  • Credit card - We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Note: SSU has a 2.65% card processing fee for online credit card payments.
    • You can pay online following the instructions below; or by
  • Electronic Check - follow the instructions below.
  • Paper Check or Money Order - Make payable to Sonoma State University
    • Mail to the address above, so it reaches us by August 6 so it reaches us in time. Please include your Student ID for faster processing.

How to pay your fees online:

  • Reminder: The system may take up to 24 hours to process and post fees.
  • Go to the Student Portal
  • Click on the Payments tile
  • Your current balance will be displayed. Click on the Click here to make a payment link.
  • Use the Extended Education Charges (Extended Education General Payment) link.
  • Add the payment to the cart, then click the Checkout button.
  • Screenshots of the steps can be found on Seawolf Service Center's Online Payments page.

Alternatively, you can pay through MySSU by:

  • Clicking on the Account Inquiry link under the Finances bar. Your account balance will be displayed.
  • At the bottom of your Account Summary, use the green Make Online Payment button.

Manual Registration (August 9 through 17) and Late registration (August 18 through August 31):

  • Registration or schedule changes must be made via email (
  • Payment is due within 48 hours of registration/change.
  • On and after August 18, registration and schedule changes are subject to a non-refundable $25 late registration fee, charged daily for all transactions made that day. (Special Studies, Internships, and Project Continuation exempted).

$25 non-refundable late registration fee!

  • Applies to registration or changes to your schedule after classes start.
  • Fee is applied once for all transactions in the same day.
  • Special Studies, Internships and Project Continuation are exempt from late fees.

Special Notes

Financial Aid

Financial aid may be available to students who are enrolled in an academic credit program totaling 30 units or more. Please go to the SEIE Financial Aid website for more information.

  • You must reapply for federal and state financial aid every year: you are not automatically re-enrolled. You must also complete all To-Do items, including entrance counseling, before funds will be disbursed.
  • Remember to regularly check your SSU e-mail and MySSU accounts for updates.
  • If your financial aid award is insufficient to cover your fees, you are responsible for paying the balance by the stated deadline.
  • You must have cleared all of your Financial Aid To Do items. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY REQUIRE YOU TO PAY YOUR FEES UP FRONT AND BE REIMBURSED LATER.


If you are active duty personnel or a reservist, or a veteran or retired military, or a dependent of one of those categories, you may qualify for funding. Please contact the Veterans Affairs Office. They may require documentation, such as a DD-214 or a military ID.


Full refunds are given only if a class is dropped BEFORE the first day of the semester. On or after classes have started the amount returned will be pro-rated. The Late Registration fee is non-refundable.

Contract Credit

How to register and pay

  1. Fill out the Contract Class Registration Form
  2. Wait for email approval to make payment
  3. Follow instructions in approval email to make payment

General Information

  • Submit this registration form by the following deadlines. Late registrations will not be accepted.
    • 1-3 class meetings: by the end of the 1st class meeting
    • 4+ class meetings: by the end of the 3rd class meeting
  • Payment is due at time of registration. If not made within 24 hours from email notification being sent you will be dropped for nonpayment.