Advanced Human Resource Management Certificate: About

At a Glance

Program Type
Certificate (Non-Credit)
Delivery Method
Field of Interest
Human Resource
Management Courses
Certificate Courses
Days of Week
One semester
Total Units
4 CEUs

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Why This Matters to You

HR is a fast-changing field with many challenges to manage in the world of work. The field of data analytics is enabling HR professionals to measure why things are occurring in the organization at a greater speed than before. HR professionals need to focus on being strategic, creating innovation centers at work, and ensuring a strong workplace culture. HR professionals must move away from focusing only on recruiting, to marketing and branding strategies for the organization to attract and recruit a new workforce. Today’s employees expect work flexibility, independent of time and place, and a career that provides a positive and meaningful experience. For an organization to be sustainable, it is important for leaders to put people first and apply a humanistic approach through the HR Department. 

Who Will Benefit?

  • The program is designed for the HR Professional that has at least 5 years in the field.
  • The course is beneficial to line managers who are seeking to better lead their organizations with human resource responsibility.
  • The certificate program will enable students to discuss, research, and contribute ideas towards the ways employees are working now and in the future. The advanced course will provide students with an opportunity to explore in-depth areas of interest, in a 100% online environment with scheduling flexibility.


Advanced Human Resource Management Certificate Benefits:

  • Collaboration with other experienced HR Professionals and Managers
  • To learn, research, and discuss in-depth key emerging areas of HR and learn best practices
  • Convenience of a 100% online environment
  • Apply new ideas in the workplace immediately
  • Learn online and enhance career development
  • Acquire an Advance Human Resources Management Certificate from SSU
  • Learn key emerging trends and ideas in the field of HR Management

Program Requirements: 5+ years of Human Resource and or Management experience