M.A. Spanish: Current Students

General Registration Information

  • DO NOT TRY TO SIGN UP FOR CLASSES ONLINE! Use the forms listed below under the session for which you wish to register, or you could be charged Stateside fees of at least $2,880 even if you only take one class.
  • All relevant forms must be turned in at the same time with appropriate signatures and a method of payment in order for you to be registered.
  • Course descriptions can be found on our Current Courses page.

Special Notes for Financial Aid Students

  • Financial Aid students must be enrolled in at least 4 units to receive aid. While there is a wide registration window, register as soon as you can to make sure your units show up in the system.
  • You must have cleared all of your Financial Aid To Do items by January 15 for Spring registration, May 15 for Summer registration and August 1 for Fall registration in order for your award to be packaged before payment deadlines.

Preliminary Steps

Before registering, note the following:

  • Students must have a current password to be able to access course information.
    • New students will need to have returned their Enrollment Reservation Deposit (ERD) in order to be fully matriculated and ready to register.
    • If you have not yet set up your student account, or if you have not logged in for over six months, you should set up (or reset) your password through the SSU Online Services - Password Tool site.
  • Check your SSU Student E-mail account for important messages.
    • All official e-mail communications from SEIE and the University in general regarding your account, financial aid, or registration will go to your student sonoma.edu e-mail account.
    • You may forward your Sonoma email to your personal email account by following these instructions.
  • Go to your MySSU Student Center and make sure you have taken care of any holds or To-Do items, especially regarding financial aid.
  • A Hold will appear as a red circle/slash; clicking on it will reveal the source. Check with your program advisor if you are unclear about how to lift a Hold.
  • All students must complete sexual assault prevention training, updated annually. You should have received a notice in your campus e-mail, or you may login to the SSU Student Portal and then select the Skillport box. A registration Hold will be placed on your account until you complete this requirement.
  • If you require accommodations for a physical or perceptual disability, please contact the Disability Services for Students Office.

Fall and Spring Registration

During the Fall and Spring semesters, Spanish MA students pursue individual study plans. See the Current Courses page for details.

Fall/Spring Registration Dates and Payment

Fall registration will be accepted:

  • April 29 through May 31
  • July 22 through September 16

Special Pointers:

  • After September 16, no registration will be accepted.
  • Payment is due at time of registration.
  • Financial aid students should register as early as possible, and no later than August 9, or their financial aid disbursement may be delayed.
  • These forms need signatures so be aware of breaks when faculty may not be available to sign.

Fall/Spring Required Registration Forms

Students need two forms to register, a set for each class.

  1. A fully filled-out Registration Form. The 4-digit class number will be assigned by SEIE staff. The front office will ask for payment when the form is turned in.
  2. Plus one of the following:

WE CANNOT REGISTER YOU WITHOUT BOTH REQUIRED, SIGNED FORMS IN HAND WITH A METHOD OF PAYMENT. Please allow enough time for Instructor/Supervisor and Faculty Coordinator signatures to meet deadlines. Return your forms to Nina Mendia, mendian@sonoma.edu, on or before September 16.

Summer Registration

  • Click the link to access the Summer Registration form.
  • You may also call the SEIE office at 707-664-2394 between 8 AM and 5 PM Monday-Friday to register, using the information on the PDF.
  • Full payment must be made at time of registration. A financial aid award in place is considered equivalent to payment.
  • The current selection of Summer courses, along with pre-reading assignments, can be found on our Current Courses page.

Summer Registration Deadlines

Financial aid students should register as early as possible to allow for timely disbursement of funds.

All other students should register by May 17.