Sustainable Professional Skills Certificate: About

At a Glance

Program Type
Certificate (Non-Credit)
Delivery Method
Field of Interest
Professional Skills
Certificate Courses
Days of Week
8 weeks
Total Units
4.0 CEUs


“As organizations move from their initial pandemic response to more sustainable operations, they’re trying to build resilience into everything, from strategy to work design, so as to enable the organization, its leadership and employees to sense and respond to change, repeatedly,” says Mark Whittle, VP, Advisory, Gartner.

The world of work is changing. It is expected that today’s professional workers are flexible, tech savvy, excellent communicators, creative, enjoy their work and are problem solvers and innovators. It is expected that soon more than half of all workers will work independently which will require increased skills such as time management, creativity, balancing a portfolio work life, self-leadership, career branding and networking skills.

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Program Content

The program combines technical knowledge with skill building in the following areas:

  • Career branding and Networking
  • Communication and Self-awareness
  • Organizational Behavior, Personality and perception
  • Time management and Reducing stress
  • Internal motivation and personal ethics
  • Writing, and speaking
  • Working with others who are different
  • Self-leadership and Positive influence
  • Creativity
  • Leading and working in teams

Target audience:

All professionals and those college students entering or preparing to enter the workforce either working in an organization or as an entrepreneur who wish to enhance their soft skills and sustainability in their work.

Course Learning Outcomes

Students who complete EXED-800 will develop:

  • An understanding of career branding and networking.
  • An understanding of how to be more self-aware.
  • Ideas on how to develop one’s communication skills.
  • Knowledge of the various factors which affect behavior at work.
  • The influence of personality and perception on behavior.
  • Ideas to be a better time manager and reduce stress.
  • The importance of internal motivation and personal ethics
  • How to be more creative and work in teams as an effective team member
  • Improved writing and presentation skills