Saturday Hybrid BA Liberal Studies at SSU: About

At a Glance

Program Type
Bachelor's Degree
Fall 2021
Delivery Method
Field of Interest
B.A. Liberal Studies Hybrid
Liberal Studies
Bachelors Degree
Days of Week
Flexible Schedule
2 years (true cohort)
Total Units
40 program / 60 total

This program is for adults who have finished lower-division transfer coursework and whose schedules do not permit them to attend regular campus classes.

About the Program

  • Hybrid program combines 4-5 Saturday seminars per semester (typically on campus, but online for Fall 2021) with weekly online seminars.
  • Thematic readings on current issues allow students to share their understandings and work toward solutions.
  • Integrated assignments can be completed in your home or work settings.
  • Cohort model builds a strong learning community to support students throughout the program.

It's Different

This two-year, 40-unit program is offered by SSU's Hutchins School of Liberal Studies in collaboration with the School of Extended and International Education. The Hutchins School does not believe that being educated consists of "knowing things." Rather, we believe that it consists of being able to think about the "things" that you know. And this involves being challenged, being confronted with other viewpoints, and being able to articulate your own changing understandings.

It's Marketable

A B.A. in Liberal Studies provides excellent preparation for students interested in careers in teaching, counseling, social work, public service, law, or business, as well as graduate work in the social sciences and humanities. For more information about the many things you can do with a Liberal Studies degree, see our Career Opportunities page.

Student Support

Throughout your program, you will be provided with the information and support you need to complete your Bachelor's degree. The program advisor provides individualized guidance from pre-admissions advising through navigating the graduation ceremony and beyond, as well as acting as your on-site liaison for those matters that can be challenging for students to handle from off campus.

Other SSU Liberal Studies Degrees

B.A. Liberal Studies Napa Valley and Solano offers liberal studies programs at Napa Valley College and Solano Community College in partnership with the School of Social Sciences. There are no residency requirements for these programs.

The Hutchins School of Liberal Studies - The Hutchins School of Liberal Studies is a unique school within the larger institution of Sonoma State University. Hutchins students complete all lower-division general education requirements, with the exception of mathematics--through an interdisciplinary, theme-oriented focus. "Learning to learn," small seminar classes, close cooperation and a feeling of community among students and faculty are highlights of this program. This is offered stateside for regularly matriculated students.

Liberal Studies Ukiah - Residents of Mendocino and Lake Counties may also be interested in the Liberal Studies B.A. program based at the Mendocino College campus in Ukiah. This is offered stateside for regularly matriculated students.