Deadlines and FAQ


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Fall Admissions:

  • Priority deadline is June 1st
  • ​Final deadline is June 15th

Spring Admissions:

  • Priority deadline is November 1st
  • ​Final deadline is November 30th

Summer Admissions:

  • Courses are listed on the Summer Session site.
  • Priority deadline is March 30th
  • ​Final deadline is May 1st

Our classes and our on-campus housing can fill up fast! 

It is important to apply for the SAS program as early as possible to receive the best chance of taking your preferred courses and securing space in on-campus housing. 

We also work with a homestay provider, International Student Placements (ISP), and you can download their application and send it to them directly.

Required Documentation:

  • Semester at Sonoma application
  • Verification of Financial Support form, with supporting documents
  • Statement of Purpose (one page maximum). Please tell us why you are interested in studying at SSU
  • Passport Photocopy
  • English Proficiency Test score,
  • ​Academic Transcripts:
    • Submit College and University transcripts to Evaluation service partners (WES or SPANTRAN)  
    • ​​​Submit a copy of university transcripts in English with overall grade average.
    • ​​​If you have never attended a university, submit a copy of translated high school/upper secondary school transcripts.
    • ​​Pay $150.00 Application Fee (Non- refundable).

Important to Remember

English Language Proficiency:

Applicants (including those studying in Australia, Canada, and the U.K.) who have not attended an educational institution at the secondary level or beyond where English is the principal language of instruction for at least 3 years are required to take an English Proficiency test.

□ GERMAN APPLICANTS: I have taken the DAAD exam. My score was:
□ I will receive a English Proficiency Test waiver from the SSALI program.
□ I have studied at an institution where English is the principle language of instruction for
3+ years.
□ I have taken a different English test. Name _______________ Score _________.

Preliminary Course Selection

Please list up to 10 courses you would like to take in order of priority and complete the SAS Academic Course Wishlist

A master list of all courses is found here:

List subjects in which prerequisites have been met. If you have met the prerequisite at your home university, please provide a transcript and course description for that substitution.

Health Insurance

As required by the California State University, F-1 students must maintain adequate health insurance coverage during their studies at Sonoma State University. Semester at Sonoma
students are required to purchase the insurance.

For more information on SSU's health insurance policy, visit this web-page: students/prospective/health-safety.