Experience a fun, interactive way to improve your English with Sonoma State instructors and students. Participants will see and speak with students live and online! Learn directly from American students that are studying at Sonoma State University. The program is designed to give a “real student” view of being a student in the US and learning about some of Northern California’s famous attractions, its culture and schools, plus some current hot topics.

About the Program is an English conversation program for students who want to learn and experience a fun, new way of getting more information about Northern California and the US while improving their English.

International coordinator and students in a Zoom session

Topics include:

  • Northern California geography, famous cities, sports, and more
  • Higher Education in the US, Sonoma State University
  • US Government
  • Hunger and Homelessness
  • Minorities and Civil Rights Dates, Deadlines, & Fees

We are currently developing new sessions, if you have questions, please complete the Inquiry form.

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