Fire Season: The beautiful sunshine that brings many people to live, work, and study in California can also contribute to hot dry summer and fall seasons and extended fire seasons. Wildfires are a natural part of California’s landscape; their smoke may travel many miles from the fire and be a part of local weather patterns. During wildfire and smoke events, it is best to stay indoors with HEPA filtered air as much as possible or use an N95 or P100 mask while outside.

If you have questions about immigration, visa, registration, costs, medical insurance, or housing options, ask the International Student Coordinator.

If you have questions about your house, your room, your homestay family, your neighborhood, ask the ISP Coordinator or your homestay family who you will be introduced to by email from ISP.

This program is considered an "external" degree, and as such, Degree Completion students do not pay the Associated Students fee and thus are not eligible for the full range of student services such as use of the Student Health Center or campus housing.

Beginning with the pre-admissions consultation, students receive extensive support from the program advisor. Amy Unger works with each student to access a Transfer Credit Report and to understand the degree requirements as reflected on the ARR (Academic Advising Report) used by SSU.

Writing support is also built into the program, as are Presentation Skills, during workshops.

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