SEIE Scholarship Information

Scholarships are generally awarded only for academic credit programs. They can be need- or merit-based.

Remember to gather recommendation letters early; keep in mind that many professors are off during Summer and Winter Break.

Campus-Based Scholarships

The SSU application period for campus-based scholarships runs from October 1 through February 1 for the next academic year. For an application and more information, as well as links to external scholarship opportunities, see the SSU Scholarship website.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Many external scholarship opportunities are available. Some sites want you to set up an account so they can collect detailed information to match your accomplishments with scholarship criteria. Others just connect people with opportunities and it is up to you to filter the results.

We are not able to vet these sites. If the scholarship agency wants you to pay a fee, chances are it is a scam. Do keep in mind these tips regarding scholarship scams from

External Scholarship Links

Peterson’s Guide under the Scholarships link. They have a specialized search engine that reveals scholarships for a wide variety of very specific interests and backgrounds, for example, ethnic origin, veterans, age range, LGBTQA status, major, or even those who suffer from particular diseases.

10,000 Degrees

Scholarship America


Sallie Mae Graduate scholarships only

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Scholarships

  1. MAKE SURE YOU MEET ALL REQUIREMENTS for the scholarship. If you do not, don’t apply.
  2. The big national general scholarships or those with few requirements attract a lot of applicants. Go ahead and apply for these but focus mostly on the smaller, more specific ones, which have fewer applicants.
  3. Apply on the early end. Don’t wait for the last minute.
  4. An activity resume is quite beneficial to jog your memory about what you may qualify for. Include clubs, sports, internships, campus & leisure activities, etc. Keep track of volunteer service as well.
  5. Using the web browser’s auto-fill feature will save time, just double-check your answers!
  6. Think about what makes you unique and utilize that in your applications/essays.
  7. Regarding scholarships requiring essays:
    • Scholarships with essays typically have fewer applicants so there is less competition.
    • When writing the essay, DON’T introduce yourself, DON’T repeat the prompt, DON’T use quotes, DO satisfy all requirements, DO proofread your work.
    • Stick to the word limit: going over is just as bad as going under.
    • You may be able to use the same essay for multiple scholarships, but be vigilant and re-read before submitting to make sure it it tailored for the current audience. For example, if the essay prompt is to talk about yourself and why you deserve the scholarship, you could probably use it for multiple scholarships, and with a few tweaks use it for similar prompts, but you will want to highlight different things for different scholarships.

Financial Aid

Information about State and federal financial aid can be found on the SSU Financial Aid page, along with other suggestions for funding.