Non-Profit Management Certificate: Curriculum

The ten-week online course will present essential introductions to nine key components of the management of non-profit (or social sector) organizations. Taught by experienced non-profit management professionals, the course will provide real-life examples and case studies and offer students opportunities to practice basic skills in each subject area. The new Nonprofit Management Certificate Program will consist of a single online course, taught over ten 3-hour evenings, each on a different topic.

Topics are:

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  1. Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
  2. Boards and Governance
  3. Program Development
  4. Finance & Accounting
  5. Human Resources
  6. Nonprofit Law
  7. Fundraising Overview
  8. Grantwriting
  9. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  10. Program Evaluation

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to articulate the important ways the nonprofit sector differs from the private for-profit sector and the public government sector
  2. Students will gain foundational knowledge and basic skills in the nine aspects of nonprofit management
  3. Students will gain practical advice and real-world wisdom from diverse, experienced nonprofit professionals
  4. Students will leave equipped with instructor-recommended resources for further learning on each subject

Career Applicability

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Students will gain understanding of the nonprofit sector as a whole, along with the key elements involved in managing and working in a nonprofit. From instructors and otherstudents, students will gain a broader perspective of the array of skills sets and the numerous associated occupations in the sector. For those transitioning from the for-profit or public sector, opportunities to practice transferring existing skills will be offered. Substantial resources will be provided for students seeking further learning in any of the subjects covered.