Humanistic Leadership Online Certificate: About

At a Glance

Program Type
Certificate (Non-Credit)
Spring and Fall
Delivery Method
Days of Week
Flexible Schedule
1 semester
Total Units
4.0 CEUs

In this certification program students will learn and discuss the complex act of leading. Leading takes a deep sense of self-awareness. First, people must be able to lead themselves before leading others. Leading consists of three skills, leading, which is the vision, managing, which is providing the structure, and coaching, which is enabling people to succeed.  The challenge is that all three skills must come from the same person.

The model of Humanistic Leadership is based on placing people over profit in order to make business more sustainable. This does not mean that profit is not important. To thrive and survive every business needs profit, but with a humanistic leadership approach business can be more successful long term. With the constant threats of environmental change and geopolitical conflict, we need humanistic leadership more than ever in order to enable a sustainable and more peaceful world.

This unique 8-week online only program will guide students through an exploration and discussion of what it means to be a humanistic leader as well as apply these skills for one’s self and others.

Humanistic leadership model pyramid

Program Content

The program combines technical knowledge with skill building in the following areas:

  • Humanistic leadership
  • Leading, managing, and coaching
  • Leadership styles and personality and perception
  • Self-awareness and motivation
  • Enjoying meaning and joy at work
  • Assessment of humanistic leadership skills
  • Sustainability in leadership

Target audience:

Senior managers, middle managers, supervisors, those wishing to move into leadership positions and for individuals seeking to develop their own leadership of themselves and others.