Extension Courses: Extension Courses

Intuition: The Light of Inner Guidance

Throughout history, people have accessed their intuition to make important discoveries and contributions in science, art, literature, music, business, and all fields of endeavor.  Intuition is an invaluable skill that can be used by all to help us improve the quality of our lives.  In these courses, you will learn how to recognize and develop your intuition in order to guide you in various areas of your life (relationships, career, health and well-being, spirituality, decision-making, problem solving, financial prosperity, sports, creativity, etc.).  Topics to be covered include: research on intuition in various disciplines, recognizing and interpreting intuition, meditation, and dreams.  The emphasis of these courses is on the development of practical intuitive skills that you can apply immediately to your life.  The classes consist of exercises, discussions, and lectures.  People of varying intuitive abilities are welcome to take these courses.  Those in any field (e.g., therapists, health care professionals, educators, artists, scientists, people in business) can benefit from attending, as the skills learned can be used to improve and guide their professional practice. 


Fencing Pedagogy

The SSU Fencing Pedagogy Certificate Program is one of only a small number of Fencing teacher's training programs offered by institutions of higher learning in the U.S. Fencing is one of the oldest physical training disciplines. Practitioners develop an exceptionally high level of mental and physical acuity in tactical skills and rapid reflect responses. This course includes practical experience in the giving and receiving of fencing lessons as well as translating that knowledge to bouting practice. Students will learn how to teach students of every level of accomplishment from beginning to advanced competitor. The program is intended for experienced fencers wanting to earn credentials that qualify them to coach and teach fencing. The knowledge and skills students gain by taking the course include:

  • Mastery of fencing theory
  • Practice in the Italian fencing tradition
  • Knowledge of how to run a club or fencing program
  • Familiarity with alternative fencing venues such as theatrical and historical fencing