Cal-OSHA Industry Training for Cannabis Professionals: Curriculum

SSU: Cal/OSHA Industry Training for Cannabis Professionals

Day Topic/Subject Hours
Monday  Introduction to OSHA 1 hour
Monday Managing Safety and Health 2 hours
Wednesday Walking & Working Surfaces, including Fall Protection 2 hours
Wednesday Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans, and Fire Protection 2 hours
Monday Electrical 2 hours
Monday Lockout/Tagout 1 hour
  Total Contact Hours 9 hours
Wednesday Permit‐Required Confined Spaces 1 hour
Wednesday Introduction to Industrial Hygiene 1 hour
Wednesday PPE 1 hour
Monday Materials Handling 2 hours
Monday Hazard Communication 1 hour
Wednesday Health Hazards 3 hours
  Total Contact Hours 9 hours
Monday Hazardous Material 1 hour
Monday Machine Guarding 1 hour
Monday Welding, Cutting, and Brazing 1 hour
Monday Bloodborne Pathogens 1 hour
Wednesday Ergonomics 1 hour
Wednesday Fall Protection 1 hour
Monday Powered Industrial Vehicles 1 hour
Monday Cranes & Hoisting Equipment 1 hour
Monday Prohibition of Smoking in the Workplace 1 hour
  Total Contact Hours 9 hours
Wednesday Sanitation and Pest Control 1 hour
Wednesday Heat Illness Prevention 1 hour
Wednesday Safety and Health Programs 1 hour
  Total Contact Hours 3 hours
  Total Overall Hours 30 hours