B.​S.​ Business Administration DCP: Curriculum

A minimum of 120 semester units with a minimum 2.00 GPA is required to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. Depending on individual circumstances, some students may need additional elective coursework to reach this minimum.

The program is designed for students to attend either full time (3 classes totaling 12 units) per semester, or part time (2 classes totaling 8 units) per semester. Sorry, we cannot accommodate students who can take only one class per semester.

The Business Administration Major

The major consists of 48 units, 28 units taken in 7 core courses, and 20 units of a concentration, consisting of 5 courses.

B.S. Business Administration Management Concentration Requirements Handout

B.S. Business Administration Management Course Descriptions

Upper-Division Business Administration Core Courses

All Business Administration students must complete the following seven upper-division core courses:

  • BUS 316 Production/Operations Management (4 units)
  • BUS 319 Management Information Systems (4 units)
  • BUS 320 Business Data Analysis & Interpretation (4 units)
  • BUS 344 Organizational Behavior (4 units)
  • BUS 360 Introduction to Marketing (4 units)
  • BUS 370 Introduction to Managerial Finance (4 units)
  • BUS 491 Seminar in Management Strategy and Policy (4 units; capstone course taken in final semester and after all 300-level Business Core courses have been completed)

Management Concentration Coursework

Management Concentration Core Classes

In addition to the general Business Administration Core classes above, students must complete the following coursework in the Management concentration. The core Management classes are:

  • BUS 340 Human Resources Management (4 units)
  • BUS 350 Management (4 units)
  • BUS 452 Leadership in Organizations (4 units)

Management Concentration Elective Classes

Program faculty will select two additional courses from the following list to complete the Concentration:

  • BUS 391 Cross Cultural Communication and Negotiation (4 units)
  • BUS 393 Introduction to International Business (4 units)
  • BUS 451 Entrepreneurship/Small Business Management (4 units)
  • BUS 453 Small Business Analysis (4 units)


After students have completed two Management Concentration courses, students may substitute an Internship (BUS 499MG) for one of the Concentration Elective courses. See the School of Business & Economics Internship website for details.

  • Internships must be paid.
  • Internships must be completed in the semester of registration. No retroactive Internships will be approved.
  • Each Internship should represent about 180 hours of hands-on experience (12 hours/week).
  • Existing jobs do not qualify; you must work in a different department or a different organization.
  • To locate internship opportunities, you may search the School of Business and Economics Internship Program site above, or you can visit the SSU Career Services site.
  • Students cannot register for BUS 499MG online; they require prior approval from the SBE Internship Director, Dr. Kyuho Lee.
  • Your approved Internship Agreement form must be submitted to SEIE along with a paper registration form, no later than the deadline specified for Special Studies each semester.

BUS 499MG Internship Instructions and Approval Form

Upper-Division General Education

Students who have reached upper-division standing (60 or more CSU-transferable semester units) are required to take 9 units of upper-division general education coursework, at least 3 units each in areas B, C and D of the Sonoma State GE pattern, as described in the Sonoma State catalog. Courses fulfilling this requirement will either be included as part of the class selection available in Fall and Spring semesters, or students will be pointed to convenient opportunities, such as online courses offered in Summer or Winter Intersession.

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

The Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) is intended to ensure that all students graduating from a California State University have acquired the writing skills necessary for competent written communication. At Sonoma State University, there is one way students may complete the GWAR; by passing the passing a Writing Intensive Course (WIC). Students will most likely be able to complete a WIC course during the summer session while in the program.

Important Notes

Please note that unlike the BS Business Administration programs offered on the Sonoma State campus, students in the degree completion program cannot choose their own concentration. One concentration at a time will be offered in the degree completion program. Currently, the concentration being offered is Management. In future years, Accounting and Marketing are under consideration.

Similarly, courses offered in a given semester will be chosen by the program coordinators. A sufficient selection of classes will be offered each semester to allow students to graduate in a timely manner. Students in this program may take select classes through Summer and Winter Intersession at Sonoma State's main campus in Rohnert Park, but not during regular academic sessions in Fall and Spring.

Time to Completion

The total program to be offered in the degree completion program consists of 57 units: 48 in the major plus 9 units of upper-division general education. Time to completion depends on many factors; advising will be available before and during the program to develop individual completion plans.

  • remaining lower-division general education
  • remaining electives
  • how many units can comfortably taken in a semester, depending on individual work and family commitments
  • whether a student is able to take Summer or Winter Intersession courses at Sonoma State

The program is designed to be completed in two years at 12 units per semester if a student has 60 units at transfer, has completed all lower-division GE and is able to take Summer/Winter Intersession. We estimate that part-time students taking 8 units per semester will take about three to four years to finish their requirements and should plan to be completing courses in the Summer and Winter Intersessions.