Advanced Human Resource Management: Curriculum

Course Outline and Requirements

The course covers the following topics:

  • The changing nature of work and the future of work
  • The new workforce and the future of HR
  • Leadership in HR
  • Employer branding and marketing
  • HR technology
  • Diversity, inclusion, and appreciation at work
  • How to enable a motivated workforce
  • The importance of enabling meaning and joy at work
  • Data analytics

Each week, students participate in a least 3 days of class discussions, in addition to reading and viewing the posted class materials. Attendance credit will be given for a short weekly reflection paper (minimum of 300 words) where students have the opportunity to discuss and reflect upon key learning from the week and how it can be applied outside the classroom. Students will receive personalized weekly feedback from the instructor.

Students are allowed to miss one week of the weekly assignment, otherwise they will need to re-take the course.