Open Door (Winter Intersession/Summer)

Registration and Fees

Winter Intersession 2023
Session Dates
Classes run January 4 - 18

Schedule of Classes will be available October 7.




How to Register for Classes through Open Door 

1. Choose the class you wish to enroll in. (see current class schedule)

2. Complete the online Open Door Late Registration Form (available Monday at 8 AM PST -Friday 3 PM PST)

  • Open Door is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The registration form does not guarantee a student is registered for the class.

  • Students are responsible for fulfilling all course prerequisites (see next section).

  • If Departmental Approval is required, please contact the appropriate department offering the course to seek approval. (Contact the department using email)

3. If approved to enroll in the course the student will receive a confirmation email with payment instructions within 2-3 business days. Payment is due upon notification. Failure to make timely payment may result in significant processing delays and/or the denial of your registration.

4. Once payment is received you will receive a final confirmation in 2-3 business days with information about access course materials. 

If you need accommodations, the Disability Services for Students office is located at Schulz 1014A (left of the IT Help Desk) or by phone at (707) 664-2677 (dial 711 for Relay).


While the prerequisites for many courses are waived during Winter Intersession and Summer Session, Open Door registration for some courses is subject to the approval of the associated academic department. If a course has prerequisites listed in the course description, please check with the academic department to see if you meet the requirements.

Special Notes:

  • All prospective Open Door students wishing to enroll in Business Department classes will need department approval.
  • Open Door students will not have access to online student services except for their Canvas online classroom space (if your class is using one).


You are not officially registered in a class until fees are paid and your registration form has been received by Extended Education. Current fees per unit:


  • Undergraduate Lecture/Discussion: $365 per unit
  • Graduate Lecture/Discussion: $365 per unit

Summer Session

  • Undergraduate Lecture/Discussion: $375 per unit
  • Graduate Lecture/Discussion: $425 per unit


  1. Additional fees may apply.
  2. All Science and Technology courses with a laboratory component may have additional Lab Fees.
  3. Please refer to the SEIE online catalog at Intersession/Summer Session website for individual course fees.