Conditional Admission

Opportunity for Conditional Admission

If you are seeking admission to a degree program at Sonoma State University (SSU), but do not have the required English proficiency score, you can meet the English proficiency requirement by successfully completing SSALI UPP.

To receive the Opportunity for Conditional Admission, you should:

  1. Submit the SSALI/UPP Online Application and indicate that you are requesting conditional admission
  2. Pay the $150 non-refundable SSALI Application Fee (payable online via the SSALI Online Application)
  3. Submit proof of high school graduation and copies of official transcripts in English
  4. Submit a copy of the biographical page of your passport
  5. An original official income statement or original bank statement verifying availability of funds, the minimum amount required is on the SSALI UPP Application

Email scanned copies of the documents listed above to or mail the documents to the address below:

Sonoma State University
Attn: Office of Admissions - International
1801 East Cotati Avenue
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Your documents will be evaluated by the International Student Specialist at SSU. If you qualify in terms of your academic eligibility, SSU will offer you an Opportunity for Conditional Admission. At that time you will be sent:

  1. ISSU -20: The remarks on the I-20 will state, "Student has been granted conditional admission to Sonoma State University (SSU) for [MAJOR] and will be eligible TO APPLY for full admission to the university upon obtaining required English proficiency." This indication, along with the other documents, should be sufficient for requesting a Student (F-1) visa.
  2. Student will need to complete the SSU Admission process including the submission of the online CAL STATE APPLICATION.
  3. Letter of Conditional Admission: Along with the I-20 you will receive a letter that states that you will be eligible for academic study at SSU when you complete the SSALI program or obtain the required English proficiency test score for undergraduate or graduate admission (See International English Proficiency test requirements) and meet all SSU admission requirements.

Graduate programs may have additional requirements for admission in addition to what is stated above.

Once the student obtains the required English proficiency score, he/she will need to complete the Sonoma State University Admission Process and apply online at CalState Apply.