Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment Program

After the UPP student’s FIRST SEMESTER, they are permitted to take a limited number of Sonoma State University classes through the School of Extended and International Education (SEIE) while concurrently enrolled in UPP.


  • Completed one semester of UPP.
  • Concurrent enrollment does not automatically lead to admission to Sonoma State University.


  • F-1 students must maintain full-time enrollment. Use this chart to determine how many hours of SSALI and how many units of SSU you can take.
  • Additional graduate units are billed at $450 per unit and additional undergraduate units are billed at $325 per unit.
Unit Calculation Table
SSALI Hours/Week SSU Class Enrolled Units TOEFL Requirement
75% time 15 hours/week 25% time 3-4 units (1 course) 56 iBT enrolled in Adv. SSALI
50% time 10 hours/week 50% time 6-8 units (2 courses) 56 iBT completed Adv. SSALI
25% time 5 hours/week 75% time 9-10 units (3 courses) 61 iBT


**Taking classes through the Concurrent Enrollment program may affect your admission eligibility as an incoming freshman.**

  • Students may be required to take the following courses through the Semester at Sonoma (SAS) Program or another US institution if not completed at your home institution:
    • A1 Oral Communication – Public Speaking
    • A2 Written Communication (Freshman English Composition)
    • A3 Critical Thinking or Logic
    • B4 Quantitative Reasoning (Math above Intermediate Algebra level)

Please contact the Program Coordinator to learn more about the Concurrent Enrollment program: