Class Schedule

All courses will be online. Please be aware of the online definitions: Synchronous: set online time to meet, Asynchronous: complete classwork when it best suits you, and Bisynchronous: combination of both. The online modality of the course will vary by semester based on the course and who is teach the course.

Students in the Napa Valley and Solano programs may take University courses through Extended Education only during Summer and Winter Intersession. Such courses must be on the list approved for the major; a list of qualifying classes will be sent out by the Program Advisor. During the Fall and Spring semesters, registration in University courses is not allowed except under extraordinary circumstances.

Most of our students work part-time. Juggling class hours, clinical hours, and work schedules makes working more than 20-24 hours per week very difficult.  As a professional you need to make the decision that ensures your commitment supports a quality educational experience.  As an estimate class time and clinical responsibilities amount to 3-4 days/week.  You only go to graduate school once!

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