Ryan Kochevar

Special Consultant

Maker Educator Certificate
Ryan Kochevar



Ryan is a talented and passionate educator with more than a decade of experience working in formal and informal learning environments. For the past 6 years he has focused on design and research of teaching and learning in STEM/STEAM rich environments and its intersection with maker eduction and digital literacies. Ryan completed a thesis of his own research design through Sonoma State University's Master of Education program exploring the relationship between identity and agency in a STEM rich environment that integrated art and technology.

He currently works for WeVideo as a teaching and learning specialist, designing curricular activities and connecting with the education creator community to help weave multimedia content creation and video editing as a teaching and learning tool seamlessly into K-12 learning environments. Moving video creation and editing beyond its narrowly defined scope as an edtech tool and into a space where it is deeply connected to teaching and learning paradigms will allow educators to fully integrate digital media into all aspects of their practice and across all content areas; connecting the development of their students' digital literacies to their growth in other subject matter disciplines.

Ryan maintains his ties to the maker educator community in his  role as a special consultant for Sonoma State University, where he is helping to coordinate the Maker Educator Certificate program through the School of Extended and International Education. Ryan believes deeply in the power of maker centered learning and its connections to the fostering of identity, agency and empowerment in our youth. Maker activities are not only fun but deeply engaging, personal, and meaningful for students.