Nancy Uber-Kellogg


Saturday Hybrid BA Liberal Studies at SSU
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Nancy Uber-Kellogg



Nancy Uber-Kellogg writes memoirs and fiction. She has taught in the Saturday Hybrid Liberal Studies Program since it began in 1997. Initially the writing instructor, she later became a Senior Project course teacher as well. Nancy’s education includes a B.A. in Environmental Design (Antioch College), M.A.’s in Dance Criticism and in English (Sonoma State), and a Ph.D. in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition (Purdue University). During graduate studies, Nancy focused on communication across cultural divides. She explored Zora Neale Hurston’s use of double voicing—the practice of creating statements that will be understood one way by members of a culturally dominant group and another way by members of an oppressed group. Her dissertation is a case study of Anglo college composition instructors who taught writing to Native American students, either at tribal colleges or at universities that offered classes especially for Native students. She was curious to hear about “moments of encounter” the teachers had with their students, times when they had to search for classroom practices that both they and the students could accept. One issue that they all struggled with was how to answer why should young students share their opinions when their cultures say the elders should speak on behalf of everyone. In addition to teaching, Nancy has worked as an editor and writer for nonprofits and individuals.