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Larry Levy





Larry Levy is an Employee Relations Management Consultant, Mediator and Trainer in Marin County. He has been in private practice for 26 years and focuses on helping employers confronted with problems with employees. He assists corporate H.R. Managers when they request an outside consultant to conduct an investigation or present specialized seminars. Larry specializes in solving problems with managers and employees, mediating conflicts, counseling personally troubled and often non-productive employees; writing employee handbooks and personnel manuals; investigating complaints of sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination; responding to wage and hour questions; interpreting and applying the various state and federal leaves of absence; answering inquiries about Workers Compensation, State Disability, Unemployment Insurance and the Americans With Disabilities Act; recruiting hard to find job candidates; and conducting specialized training. He has been retained as an expert witness at sexual harassment trials and mediations involving suspected wage and hour violations. 

Larry has completed an exhaustive and thorough program to become an employment mediator. He is now skilled to mediate disputes within an organization to achieve a mutually beneficial resolution. Prior to opening his practice, Larry spent 15 years in a corporate environment preceded by 9 years as a Marin County Adult Probation Officer. He has completed all the graduate work toward a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and he attends 10-12 labor law seminars each year. In 2009, Larry began law school at Empire College in Santa Rosa. Larry is active with the Marin Builders Association. He is actively involved with the Rotary Club of Ignacio and pioneered a program where at-risk young male adults are taken to San Quentin State Prison to participate in a counseling program (S.Q.U.I.R.E.S.) with inmates.