Eleanor A. Smith

Program Coordinator

Non-Profit Management
Eleanor A. Smith





Eleanor A. Smith is a long-time consultant and former staff and board member to nonprofits and philanthropy.  In 1997, she founded Eleanor A. Smith & Associates to provide strategic consulting services to foundations and non-profit organizations in the areas of strategic planning, program development and program evaluation.

Eleanor is passionate about helping individuals and groups to envision the change they seek to create in themselves, their organizations and their communities and then create the path to getting there. She earned a Masters in City & Regional Planning from the University of California at Berkeley (dual focus on regional economics and community development) and a BA in Comparative Culture from the University of California at Irvine. Eleanor is trained and skilled in using a variety of facilitation methods, including Technology of Participation, Theory of Change and Participatory Facilitation from Community at Work. Eleanor taught nonprofit management courses at  Cal State East Bay for 11 years.