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Certificate (Non-Credit)
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Conflict Management
Management Courses
Certificate Courses
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12 Weeks

The Conflict Management professional development program consists of 12 weekly meetings, filled with information, support, and practice to help you learn how to manage workplace conflict better and communicate effectively. Many different job descriptions these days, across a whole array for industries and professions, see conflict management skills as a desirable or essential skill. A conflict management certificate can help you get a job or a better position. Or, be a valued leader in your current employment, or coach and support clients who are frustrated dealing with conflicts.

Each week presents a different “lens” or perspective to help you transform your relationship with conflict, strengthen your ability to communicate effectively, and use what you have learned to share with others at work or anywhere.

In each session, students will have an opportunity to sign up to get feedback from the group and instructors for a current workplace problem. The online format has class meetings by Zoom, including small group activities and discussion, and use of Canvas (SSU’s online platform) resources. Opportunities for virtual office hour and coffee chat as well.

Topics include: foundational skills to understand conflict and communicate better across differences, how organizations can better manage conflict, as well as techniques for how to deal with bullying and aggression, understand and manage gender and cross cultural communication & bias issues, how to manage change effectively, give and receive feedback, learn how and when mediation is effective, let go of grudges and resentments that impede conflict resolution, and negotiate for yourself and others.

This certificate is for managers and aspiring managers in corporations and non-profits , C Suite Executives, HR professionals, team leaders, coaches and therapists, instructors, or anyone in agencies or organizations who is working with challenging individuals or groups and who wants to be a more effective communicator.

There are no grades or units—only CEUs for successful completion. There is no textbook—only online readings, exercises, videos.

Lead Instructor and Program coordinator—Lorraine Segal, with guest presenters.

Program cost: $890.

Why Enroll?

Check out this blog post from the instructor, Lorraine Segal,  Why Everyone at Work Needs Conflict Management Skills and How to Get Them.