B.A. Liberal Studies Napa Valley/Solano: Course Descriptions

Spring 2022

BIOL 311 - Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Biological, environmental, societal, and psychosocial aspects of sexually transmitted diseases.

ENGL 314 - Modern World Literature in English

Studies of literature, including film, art, and the cultural history of German-speaking countries.

GER 314 - Love and Desire in German Literature

This course briefly reviews climate change mechanisms and models. It then turns to its main topics: attempts and failures to mitigate greenhouse gas production, specific predicted challenges, and current and future attempts to adapt to the environmental and social impacts related to changing climates. The course compliments GEP 356.

POLS 315 - Political Ideologies

Examination of the major ideas of important theorists about the relationships among democracy, capitalism, and socialism. A consideration of the actual strengths and shortcomings of some of the current world’s major political/economic systems that attempt to put these ideas into practice.

SSCI 300, SSCI 400 - Intro to Portfolio Project

Introduces the student to both the Liberal Studies Program and to the subject matter preparation program through a broad based, interdisciplinary approach that facilitates the students need to understand the underlying relationship among all the courses in the program of study.
Contents of each portfolio will reflect the courses students have taken to complete the program, and will include organized examples of their achievement in each of the core courses in history, political science, economics, and geography, and in the courses they have chosen in the breadth/perspectives part of the program